Hey there!

Welcome to 3 Peaks Classroom!

I’m so glad you’re here because I’m bursting with so much to share with you. I created this little corner on the internet to share awesome things with you! I can’t wait to share:

  • book recommendations
  • resource suggestions
  • lesson plan ideas
  • teaching tips and hacks
  • and anything with a Canadian flair!
This was my classroom PRE-Pandemic. I was teaching grade 3 at the time.

It’s my hope that this blog serves you in ways that can help make your teaching life easier, less chaotic, more prepared, and fun. Although I usually have lots to say, I prefer to read things brief and to the point – which is how I plan on keeping this site organized – bite sized info for you to digest and enjoy.

My Origin Story – Filmed back when 3 Peaks Classroom began.

That’s my origin story above. It was my first ever YouTube video ever filmed (well, not if you consider all the hundreds of videos I filmed for online teaching). In the video I share why I created this brand, and a little about about what led me to 3 Peaks Classroom.

If you’ve made it to the bottom of this post, I hope you didn’t find too many grammar or spelling mistakes (we teachers can’t seem to put down that red pen hey?).

I’d love to know more about you! Please leave a comment below and share your teaching origin story with me.


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